Free Facebook Bingo

Facebook is a social network that most people are familiar with. Even if you do not use Facebook you have probably heard of it, and most likely have friends or family who use it. It was originally set up to be used as a way for Havard students to network and keep in touch with their friends. Although it was only launched in February 2004 it has become extremely popular throughout the world, and it wasn’t long before it developed many other uses.

Facebook Bingo is a fairly recent thing; combining peoples desire to play bingo with their use of Facebook. It is an application whereby people can log in to their account and then play free bingo with people from all over the world. Although the games are free to play they do have to be bought with credits. Every day you will receive 5 new credits to play bingo with. On Facebook Bingo the games are the 75 Ball Bingo, which is more familiar with Americans and Canadians though is now being played more and more on bingo sites as it brings some variety into the bingo world and increases the choices available to players. It is very easy to pick up so don’t be worried if you haven’t played it before.

When you are playing, if you get lucky, you can win bronze, silver and gold medals. These allow you to visit the shop and buy ‘prize sets’, which in turn will earn you even more credits.

With all the changes taking part in the bingo industry we would not be surprised if a cash version of Facebook Bingo is introduced at some future stage. Many bingo sites have seen the success that Facebook Bingo has enjoyed and so have set up Facebook pages themselves, both to foster the community spirit and to attract players they might not have had been able to reach before. It is also a great tool in communicating new offers and promotions to their players.

The fact that you are playing bingo on Facebook also means it is then easy to add these people as friends, so expanding your network and forging closer friendships.